Your Child’s Dental Visit Cycle


    Parents and guardians inquire for appointments. Our team will send a reminder at least 24 hours prior to the appointment. Pre-appointments do not apply for emergencies. 


    Our friendly team and pleasing infrastructure with resources to read and play, welcomes you and your child. Doctors and dental hygienists assess your child’s oral health before recommending to the consulting doctor.


    As the consulting doctor is informed, s/he invites you to plan your child’s treatment. The doctor also talks with your child for their comfort. Establishing a strong rapport with our patients has been at the core of our successful treatment plans and we are committed towards maintaining it.


    The treatment is carried out in a relaxing environment where your child will have a playlist of cartoons and music to watch and listen to. Our interiors also support in making your child feel relaxed. Our highly resourceful team is trained to be your child’s friend as they work on their oral hygiene. We celebrate


    A follow-up plan is created after every visit. Pre-appointment for the next visit completes the first cycle of treatment. Our team will call you on a regular basis to follow up on your child’s oral health.